Tuesday, 19 October 2010


For lunch today I was made fried rice, poppadoms and potato pakora with some shredded beetroot on the side. Death to carbs by ass! I'm going to wash it down with a pot of coffee and a chocolate eclair. I expect to come crashing to earth mid afternoon.

We have encountered an insect in our bathroom that is most unusual. It slowly crawls up the tile wall in tiny increments and looks kind of like something you might find stuck at the nozzle end of a hoover, clinging on for dear life against the suction. It's the Wurzel Gummidge of the insect world. I'll see if I can snap a picture of the little blighter next time I see it. It really is a sorry looking thing. I feel drawn to it in a strangely paternal way.

I also saw a frog this morning sitting in a commanding position in the shade by a water well. I could tell by the look of him that he was in the market for insects, little to no sunshine and possibly a little swim. If I see him again I shall furnish him with a name.

Every morning we see lots of wild Peacocks and Peahens in the vicinity of the campus where we are staying. They are brilliant to see running around and showing off. The best part however is their call, which to my ears is the classic sound of a bushland scene. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ie8TrwY1nHA I hadn't realised that peacocks were responsible. They will certainly be appearing on "Outback Classics volume 1" when I get round to compiling, producing and releasing it. Watch this space sound lovers.

This part of Tamil Nadu is beautiful. I had expected dry scrub land as far as the eye can see but we are spitting distance from the bottom end of the Western Ghats (mountain range) and the outcrop closest to us is very dramatic. It looks like it would be amazing to climb but sadly I don't have the capability or equipment having only ever climbed indoors. I'll dream on...

It's red hot and dry here. Too hot to do much after 7 am and before 4pm but I am enjoying having dry clothes that aren't going mouldy. The monsoon, I have decided, is not for me.

Anyway I actually have some work to do here so I better stop procrastinating and get on with it.

Laters potaters (and poppadomers and ricers)

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  1. keep the updates coming, cheers for the message this morning!

    (not sure if I could text back to that number!)