Friday, 6 August 2010

First post

So here we go. First post of my shiny new blog. It looks weird right now so bear with me while I tinker with it.

We've not left yet. Still in London uprooting our lives and preparing to repot them into backpacks and lug them around the globe. It's a complicated business I can tell you. Much worse than the last time I did this kind of thing ten years ago. I guess being a thirty two year old, married, teacher (how the hell did that happen?) means that your life is slightly more complicated than it was for a 21 year old recently graduated student. Last time all I had to do was wave cheerio to the local landlord as far as I can recall...

Anyway the roots run deep for me now. Half of them have been pulled up neatly in the past couple of weeks but the rest have been kind of pruned or savagely hacked off. I think I'll end this particular analogy now in case you feel like adding gardening to my list of middle aged attributes. I'm not there yet. It's hard to get into gardening when your outdoor space consists of a 2m x 2m paved slab in Bethnal Green... and you are lazy.

Where was I? Oh yes. Travelling the globe. Trip of a lifetime people have been saying to me at work and at BBQ's this summer when I describe the trip we are about to do. Yup sure is. Second trip of a lifetime for me. Aye there is a no doubt about it. I am one lucky bastard. There I said it before you.

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